SIL Verification & Calculation Workshop


A 2-day practical Workshop designed to help you streamline your SIL verification process. Teaching you how to demonstrate that SIFs are SIL compliant through practical classroom exercises covering the disciplines of SIL Verification and Calculation. On completion of the Workshop, candidates have the option to attain formal certification of competence in this field by the completion of two case studies. The case studies use the templates on which the course is based, with the support of a =Method personal tutor while they are completed.

Please note that the course mainly focusses on hardware aspects of SIL Verification. Verification of application programs and device configuration is introduced, but it is not a major focus of the Workshop.


The Course is delivered over 2-days.

Live Online

The Course is delivered as 4 x 3 hours sessions (usually mornings) over a single week.

Course Content

Who should attend

Functional Safety Professionals and Engineers.


This workshop assumes you are knowledgeable in the field of functional safety. This course is not suitable for those who do not already understand the essential functional safety principles.

Ideally you should have passed the TUV Certified IEC 61511 for SIS Training Course (or equivalent).

What you should bring

We recommend that you bring your own laptop to allow you to view the material on which the course exercises are based and to download and complete verification checklists. The exercises require you to perform complex calculations, this can be done on your laptop, on your own scientific calculator or using calculators that we will provide.

If you have projects or products that you would like to review as part of the workshop, please bring the associated data sheets and certificates with you.

After this workshop you will be able to

What you will get

All delegates receive:

Certification of Case Studies

For an additional fee, candidates can attain formal certification of their competence in SIL Verification & Calculation, by the submission of two case studies, using the techniques and templates from the Workshop. It is expected that the Case Studies will be based on projects you are completing as part of your normal working role, but example projects can be provided if required. A =Method personal tutor will be appointed to guide you through the process of completing the case studies. The certification is valid for 5 years and can be renewed on submission of two further case studies.

Course Enquiries

If you have any further questions, please contact us and if you wish to proceed, check your diary and reserve a place.

This course qualifies as 16 CPD hours
Course rating Course rating 88.0%

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