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Next date - 17th April between 8.30am until 5.00pm BST 2024

The =Method CPD Seminars are annual FREE to attend events presented by our specialist consultants.

At each 1-day Seminar we pick a series of topics that we think will be of interest and which can provide the basis for maintaining qualifications, such as the TUV Functional Safety and the =Method Hazard Study Leader, through CPD.

If you have an involvement or interest in the fields of Functional Safety, Process Safety and OT Cyber Security, then the CPD Seminar is for you. A healthy amount of time is dedicated to Q&A and the =Method team will do their best to answer your questions.

CPD Seminar - 8 CPD hours

April 2024 Agenda

Taking the stress out of HSE Visits

An HSE EC&I inspection can be daunting and stressful, but with an honest and systematic approach visits can go smoothly, and can help your business be more compliant. This session will discuss how to:

  • Prepare for an intervention
  • Manage the visit on the day
  • Deal with the outcomes.

What happens after a Functional Safety Assessment Stage 3

The FSA3 may be the last functional safety activity before handing the plant over to operations and disbanding the project team. But that is not the end of the functional safety lifecycle. There are many activities that follow handover that operations need to take responsibility for, and they may need the support of the project team to complete these tasks. This session will review these activities and discuss how best to plan and execute them to ensure ongoing compliance with the functional safety lifecycle.

Don’t buy security vulnerabilities – Understanding Supply Chain Risk

Your organisation relies on digital technology but can you trust it? This session examines the vulnerabilities which can lurk in Industrial Control System assets and how you can manage the risk."

PFD Calculation - The basics

Determining the expected average failure rate of each Safety Instrumented Function is a task that many engineers worry about. “Carrying out the PFDavg calculations” is viewed as a complex task that should be approached with caution. While it is true that the equations presented in IEC 61508 can be daunting, at the heart of the reliability calculations are some simple, fundamental principles that are easily explained and understood. This session will focus on identifying those fundamental principles and looking at simpler equations that can be used to estimate Probability of Failure on Demand.

What to ask your Design Contractor and your Systems Integrator

Choosing Design Contractors and Systems Integrator are key decisions on projects. IEC 61511 has some clear requirements that must be met in order for the project to be compliant and for their selection to be considered the actions of “an intelligent customer”. These essential points will be reviewed, but we’ll also look at simple additions to the wording of contracts that can avoid subsequent problems in project compliance and delivery.

LOPA pitfalls

Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA) looks simple to begin with, but this simplicity can be deceptive. This session will explore some of the most common LOPA mistakes and how to avoid making them.

TUV 61511 training Delegate Rating
Delegate Rating 92.8%

Delegate feedback

"The structure and format of the day was excellent. It allowed time to consider in between the sessions."

"Real world examples reinforce the teaching. References to external sources of info were useful."

"Knowledgeable and engaging speakers."

"Operations staff and Cyber Security - interesting to learn about the evolving topic from an OT and not just IT side. "

"Very good method of hosting a roadshow / seminar! very well chaired and managed throughout! Good mix of subjects covering FS, CS and PS!"

"Not sure if there is anything that could be improved on, you covered all the topics really well. "


"Well presented and articulated understanding of topics that are very relevant to COMAH sites "

"The Presenters were easy to understand, presented well and were even quite funny. "


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17th April between 8.30am until 5.00pm BST 2024

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Free CPD Seminar

Our 2023 Agenda

A review – 10 years of functional safety, process safety and OT Cyber security 

Verification and Assessment – the value they add

Lessons learnt from HazOp studies 

What do we typically find from an FSA 4?

Managing Legacy Systems 

Senior Management’s role in Functional Safety 

Operations staff and cyber security 

A debate – “This house believes that you don’t need to do an FSA 1 if the HazOp and LOPA conclude no SIL” 


Our 2022 Agenda

Could the correct operation of a safeguard cause a new risk?

Co-ordinating Project, Process Safety and Functional Safety Lifecycles (no link)

Why Functional Safety works

If a system isn’t Cybersecure, you can’t rely on it to be safe

Managing Legacy Safety Instrumented Systems


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