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Functional Safety Leadership Briefing Training Course

Our =Method “Leadership Briefing” training course is run at your site or nominated venue and can be entirely customised to your needs. We decide together what you need from the training and design an approach that is right for you and your team.

The briefing is typically delivered in a 2-hour session. It focusses on the essential topics that the leadership team need to understand. It provides sufficient background on Process and Functional Safety, so that the context is understood, and expands on the responsibilities that rest at board level. It looks at examples of legal action that can be taken against non-compliant sites and outlines how the Senior Management Team can practically implement Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and ‘touch points” that will allow them to discharge their responsibilities and monitor their site’s Process and Functional Safety.

The “Leadership Briefing” often works best once =Method has reviewed the organisations current approach to Process and Functional Safety – a one day review prior to the event allows us to highlight key areas for improvement and propose an outline action plan that can be included as part of the briefing.

The course can be used as a pre-cursor to our more involved Cogent Skills Certified “Process Safety Leadership for Senior Executives” Training Programme.

We also do an introduction to functional safety course for Engineers.


The Course is delivered in-house only. It normally takes 2-hour but can be extended or shortened to meet your needs.

Live Online

The Course is delivered online as a single 2-hour session, but can be extended or shortened to meet your needs

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If you have any further questions, please contact us and if you wish to proceed, check your diary and reserve a place.

Check your diary and reserve a place

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Customised Training

Our =Method "Functional Safety Leadership Briefing" training course can be adapted to suit an individual company (e.g. using examples relevant to your specific industry), and delivered in-house as a private course, Please contact us with your requirements.