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November 10 and 12 2020
Topics will cover 3 main areas: What to expect in 61511 Edition 3, Cyber Security and Leadership.

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Method Functional Safety helps businesses comply with Functional Safety standards. It is our aim to make your workplace a safer place.

We can train your staff, provide consultancy to introduce or improve procedures or help you to develop products. If certification is your goal, we provide assistance with that too - for people, organisations or products.

Our UK team of experts use =Method's own up-to-date, proven processes and tools. We combine this practical experience with a deep knowledge of the principles, standards and guidance. We understand the regulations in detail and how they can be efficiently applied. We can help guide you through this complexity. It’s what we do everyday.

Recent Projects:
Stage 2 & Stage 3 Functional Safety Assessment
Risk Assessment of a high voltage test machine
PUWER Assessment
Expert Witness
First functional safety project
Updating the Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA)
Proven in Use assessment of a valve

=Method Training Delegate Ratings

TUV Certified 61511 courseRating 92.6%
Course rating
TUV Certified 61508 courseRating 91.2%
Course rating
SIL Verification & Calculation WorkshopRating 88.0%
Course rating
Functional Safety for Instrument TechniciansRating 95.4%
Course rating
See also our Cyber Security and Process Safety ratings

What Functional Safety Training do we offer?

=Method offers TUV Certified Courses in IEC 61511 and 61508, supported by task specific Workshops for engineers to further develop their skills and competency. We offer training for Instrument Technicians and Operators. We offer open courses all around the UK and customised in-house training too. We like small group, focused training events where we can concentrate on your individual learning needs.

Functional Safety Training

How do I start a Functional Safety Project?

=Method is here to help you take your first steps in a Functional Safety Project. Helping you understand the requirements and how to meet them in a practical and cost-effective way. Functional Safety is what we do every day. We can guide you through what you need to do, how and when you need to do it - and make sure you only need to do it once!

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How do I prepare for an HSE Inspection?

An HSE intervention is daunting and you may feel unprepared. Following the inspection, you may have actions that you aren’t sure how to complete. We can help! Our practical, down-to-earth, can-do approach will get you on the right path, preparing you for your interventions and dealing with the actions effectively.

Prepare for HSE Assessments

How do I get a Certificate?

=Method provides a range of Certification options. We can certify SIL capable products to IEC 61508, we can certify an organisation’s Functional Safety Management procedures, we can certify solutions and packages. We can issue the certificate as =Method or we can help you achieve certification with other certification bodies. Whatever your certification need, it’s likely we’ve done it before. If we haven’t – we like to try new things!

Certification Services