Introducing your business to Functional Safety

A 1-day workshop to help your business understand Functional Safety

Method Functional Safety delivers non-technical or technical overviews on Functional Safety to help your business understand how to begin the journey to compliance.

Typically we deliver a 1 day workshop explaining why Functional Safety is required, the legal and practical issues, followed by discussions about the details of effective and efficient implementation of the standards.

The first stage is to contact us and we can then discuss with you your specific business issues. The topics covered, and the level of technical content can be tailored to your audience. See the choice of topics below.

There is no commitment to follow this session with further training or consultancy, although that is available if you need it.

Please call 01462 713313 and begin your conversation today.

Board level
Includes discussions on legal issues, business risk and asset integrity.
Engineering teams
Giving your engineers an understanding of the regulations.
Panel Operators and Instrument Technicians
Helping your team understand that a SIL rated safety function is not “just a trip”
Customers and Supply Chain Partners
Presenting to your supply chain understand the financial and commercial benefits of a single compliant approach.

Course Content

The course can be built from a selection of modules that best fit your requirements

Pre qualification

There are no formal pre-requisites to attend the training - we assume no prior knowledge.

After this course you will be able to

You may wish to consider your required training outcomes

What you will get

Course Enquiries

If this course is of interest or you have any questions, please contact us to discuss your requirements more fully.