Method Functional Safety and Risknowlogy - Press Release

​Risknowlogy GmbH and Risknowlogy Ltd announce that they have agreed that the UK management team will carry out a buy-out of Risknowlogy’s UK operation.

The new company will trade as Method Functional Safety Ltd and the team will continue their work in providing training, certification and consultancy services within the UK and Ireland. Training and consultancy will continue to be delivered in partnership with Risknowlogy GmbH, but the new company will be free to further develop the consultancy services which are uniquely required in the UK and Ireland.

In practical terms, although the ownership and trading name of Risknowogy Ltd is changing, the new company is the same legal entity – with Company Registration number, VAT number and banking details remaining the same.

"For strategic and operational reasons, it was decided to spin off Risknowlogy Ltd.

We are satisfied that a solution was found for the current management to buy out Risknowlogy Ltd with the expectations that this supports continuity of services for our existing customers in Great Britain in the field of risk, reliability and safety”

Dr Michel Houtermans, CEO - Risknowlogy.

We are celebrating our 4th birthday by establishing ourselves as a separate legal entity, outside the Risknowlogy Group. The UK team look forward to establishing our own distinct brand and further developing our distinctive approach to consultancy in the field of functional safety – focussed on personal, practical and professional assistance to our clients. We have enjoyed our time within the Risknowlogy family and made many friends, and we look forward to continuing our work on training and certification, while expanding and developing our consultancy capability.

Dil Wetherill, Managing Director – Method Functional Safety Ltd.


Title: Method Functional Safety and Risknowlogy - Press Release
Date: 2017-05-08
Published by: Method Functional Safety