Helping you become and remain compliant with Functional Safety Standards in 2018

Method Functional Safety is dedicated to helping all of our clients become and remain compliant with Functional Safety standards. In 2018 we have more training courses and some new roadshows to share our experiences.

Functional Safety

Whatever your challenge in 2018 we are here to help.

Whether it is the development of Cyber Security processes, 61511 compliance, the training of your front line staff or the need for consultancy support.

A Functional Safety Gift

We thought that a useful Christmas gift would be to share our view of trends in Functional Safety during 2018.

So before you put your feet up, take a quick look at the 5 topics below. They'll be key areas of focus next year.

Last Christmas we were promised 61511 Edition 2. A little late, but BS EN Ed 2 is now on the BSI webstore. But read this before you buy a copy. All you need to know about Edition 2

Cyber Security. The main challenge of 2018? Unfortunately, this isn’t going to go away. Cyber security is an area that we are going to have to focus on in 2018. The HSE has issued guidance which covers this area and we are starting to work with it in real world “control and safety” applications. Help is on its way...

It’s not just legacy systems, it’s all the systems you’ve installed. There is new and very useful guidance on “Installed SIS Management”, which has been developed by CDOIF on behalf of the HSE. Prove your SIS does what it should

Do they know they're competent this Christmas? The functional safety standards require us to be competent in the roles we perform – the alternative is clearly unacceptable! How we know what we know...

This Christmas make sure you have plenty of layers on. We aren’t just referring to your favourite Xmas jumper! But to the layers of protection that prevent an incident occurring. Some things you can do

Happy Christmas from the =Method team.


Title: Helping you become and remain compliant with Functional Safety Standards in 2018
Date: 2018-12-15
Published by: Method Functional Safety